An SMO (Sales & Marketing Officer) is someone good at selling & marketing.

Startup marketing is essential for a startup/business in the world we live in. We all need to exist and be marketing in social media and in other channels. When addressing Consumers, Marketing is most often the most important. When addressing Businesses, sales could be drop dead important.

What does an SMO (Sales & Marketing Officer) do?

This role is wide. Social media content producing and publishing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing) PR & Branding management and much more. There could of course be more than one SMO in a team. It can be a person that are good in marketing and perhaps also Product management. Someone said that the skills to produce small video clips and cut them into clips that can be used in different medias is suddenly more worth than engineers. True or not, this is an important skill needed today.

Why should an SMO sign up in Avaztart?

Sales and Marketing is drop dead important for any company, especially for a startup.
That’s why you are so needed! To be part of a startup journey is for most people a very developing and experience boosted travel. Not to mention how fun it is! If you are good in marketing or sales, even the sky is not the limit! One tip: Join several teams!

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