Dating for Startups platform launched – Help with Beta testing wanted!

Do you belong to the half of all people in the working age wanting to start an own business? Congratulations!
This dating for startups platform site is for you!
Help us with testing and feedbacks!

Avaztart – Dating for startups is launched and live!
A community for different start up roles to find, match, create a business team and start the startup Journey!
We need feedback and answers before we launch the multi million advertising campaigns.
Both what is good and what is not so good.

Sign up for the totally Free plan, or the Basic Teams that are free for 3 months.
Try it out, send us a message in the Contact form on first page.
We will really appreciate if you help us out!

  • Is the concept understandable?
  • Do you understand the customer Journey through out the site?
  • Is something missing?
  • Is there any spelling and grammar errors?
  • What is particularly good?

Feed back very much wanted! Also, if you find it helpful and promising, please state that too!
In the message Contact form in the bottom on the first page.

This is going to be exciting! Let’s start dating!

4 May 2022