Many wants to start own Business, but few actually do!?

So many wants to start an own business, a startup, own company, but just a small fraction actually do?
Why is that so? What are the blockers?

Many wants to start own business

What are the main blockers that so few start own business in relation to how many wants to start own business?

One reason can be that it needs at least two to tango!
In all successful startups, newly started business, companies, there are two specific types of people involved. This is not gender, colour on skin, or any other visible reasons. No, its the two roles that are needed.

  • The Innovator, that comes with the Idea of how to do something new.
  • The Entrepreneur, that can create business out of ideas.

When these two starts to tango, nothing can stop them! The complement each other in a perfect way.
There are so many evidence from the past.

  • Microsoft: Paul Allen & Bill Gates;
  • Apple: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak,
  • Google: Larry Page & Sergey Brin;
  • Uber: Travis Kalanick & Garret Camp
  • HP: Bill Hewlett & David Packard;
  • Gary Kremen & Peng T. Ong
  • Procter & Gamble: William Procter & James Gamble
  • Skype: Niklas Zennström & Janus Friis
  • You and your co-founder?

There are also of course a roller coaster Journey to start own business and after several things are created and documented as for example: Customer mapping and Value proposition, business model were the value proposition lives, investigation of timing, and more, a company can be register in the country. Read more

Still most public organisations supports, advices how to register a company…

Thats why Avztart is started! To facilitate that the roles would actually find and match with each other, so they can start a new Microsoft, Apple or Skype or any other unicorn. Or a normal small successful business that fulfil what you want with starting an own business!

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4 May 2022