The Investor

A startup Investor is someone who wants to bet money on your success and get back x10, or more!

Investors can be business angels, venture capital companies, banks, or other institutions.

Most of all Investors need to see a well composed team with clear roles, understandable presentation decks that explains the business model, value propositions, possible market, growth expectations and more. These presentations are very important for a startup to gain interest and founding.

In a Startup founding, there are typically several investors.
One would be lead investor. This an assurance that there are more investors that sees your startup as a potential great profitable company. Investor for startup business is big business nowadays. Avaztart will help Investors to get access to focused serious, founded ready, startups with great teams. As well as provide a way for startups to get in deeper contact with a variety of Startup Investors. A “smorgasbord” for both parties!

Why should an Investor sign up in Avaztart?

In Avaztart an investor will have access to many focused and determine startup teams. It’s a way to reach this market for an investor, in one place! They will also be more ready (have their team, business model, in good state) when they reach out for investments.

  • Signup and discover how many teams that are looking for you!
  • Be careful to describe what you can provide when signing up. You can also call for a marketing add in pinboard what you are looking for.
  • Start dating with teams!