The Innovator

An Innovator is someone who introduces changes and new ideas. A person who develops a new design, product, concepts, or who has new ideas about how to do something.

Most successful startups and companies have one or several innovators in the team that came up with the original idea. The idea may be changed and developed during time, but it will almost always be an idea to start from. Innovators are a major important role in our society and for our development.

What does an Innovator do?

An Innovator comes up with the idea. There are a lot of Innovators in the past that came up with life changing ideas. Edison, Tesla, Ford, Leonardo Da Vinci, Graham Bell, and many more have changed our life’s. An Innovator is often a person that thinks more about the innovation than how it might be a business and solve problems. If Ford would have been asking the people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses”. Few would have answered “a slow, stinking, Automobile”!
Still he invented the car.

The Innovator is often the SME (subject matter experts) in an area and provides this knowledge to the team.

The matching partner, co-founder, to Innovator is not another Innovator. It’s another role, The Entrepreneur!

Why should an Innovator sign up in Avaztart?

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