Finding co founder


Finding co founder

Find your startup partner

The first step is to ask yourself:

  • Who am I, what am I good at?
  • What do I want, what am I looking for?

If you can answer these questions, it’s easier finding co-founder, a startup partner that complements you. Today’s reality: it usually can’t be one person that knows and can do all necessarily things that needs to be executed. It’s also matter of how much time you have..
It’s an era of diversity and co-operation!  You need to find a startup partner, co founder, business partner or what you want to call it.

To improve this, Avaztart has taken a stans in the following key roles in a startup business:
An Innovator – someone that have an idea of how to change something or introduce something new, needs to match with
An Entrepreneur – someone that has the knowledge and skills to create business of an idea.

These two roles create a Team. Later, the team can be extended with more roles.

The prominent side

We all have a certain % of Innovator within us. We also have a certain % of Entrepreneurs within us. All of us (almost) are more towards either one. The prominent side. To start a successful start-up, a business, these two are basic building platform (to complement each other). The history is full of evidence…

  • Microsoft: Paul Allen & Bill Gates;
  • Apple: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak,
  • Google: Larry Page & Sergey Brin;
  • Uber: Travis Kalanick & Garret Camp
  • HP: Bill Hewlett & David Packard;
  • Gary Kremen & Peng T. Ong
  • Procter & Gamble: William Procter & James Gamble
  • You and your co-founder

To find and get to know individuals that you would like to start a roller coaster journey with,
to create a startup team is a bit fragmented today.

The purpose with Avaztart is:

  • Lowering the blocking barriers to actually start, the starting up your own business journey.
  • If you are searching for a startup partner -> to help you to find a startup partner.
  • If you have matched and dated with your startup partner -> to help you to create a team to which you can search and match with other complementary roles.
  • If you are someone of the other roles -> to find and connect to startup teams.

 Finding your startup team

Would you browse around on other social media and send messages to people you don’t know if they want to start a company?
I did. It didn’t work.

So, How do you find a business partner and build a startup team?

To help the startup community, Avaztart aims to facilitate. You will be able to browse around and connect with other individuals that are also looking for a business partner or a co-founder.

You will also be able to find other roles that are essential when starting a startup business. That’s right, we have made a role play service. Read more about the roles in Finding startup team Here.

Have in mind that a role can be defined in many ways. If you for example are a Developer, you can define yourself as an CTO. But also, as an Innovator if you have an idea about an innovation! This creates a versatile way of building a team with a wide area of competences that are needed in your team! You can have several of each role in your team.
We believe it’s important to embrace the diversity and the way we all are different!

Remember: You have to date to find out if you are going to be a good team, how you are different and how the diversity is in your team!

  • What values, backgrounds do we all have?
  • What is the drive? Money? Larger cause? Escape?
  • What can be overlapping and what should not?
  • What is skill sets out of the role-based ones?
  • What are we willing to do? 24/7? 8 hours/day with kindergarten pick-up?
  • How would we complement each other in the team?

Also be aware, the different roles and responsibilities will change over time as your business evolve. It might be a good thing to look for a CEO after a while, or a Product manager.

But a good advice is to keep it as simple as possible in the beginning and try to share the different roles and tasks between you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your startup business!