Startup Expert

The Expert

A Startup Expert is someone who teach, help & supports the team.

This is a very wide role that can be many types of competencies. Common is that they all want to help and support startup teams in one way or another. Some may charge by the hour; some would take an equity share in the startup.

It could be help with business model creation, seeking founding presentations, coaching programs, marketing services, or all kinds of different services that a startup team needs.

A Expert can also be a legal firm or individual helping with legal advice. Or a PR & branding expert, or a social media expert, or an accounting firm, or “preparing for investments searching” expert, or …..

Why should a Expert sign up in Avaztart?

In Avaztart a expert will have access to many focused and determine startup teams. It’s a way to reach this market for a coach, in one place! They will also be more ready (compelling reason to act) to reach out for the help and coaching you can provide.

  • Be careful to describe what you can provide when signing up. You can also (soon) call for a marketing add in pinboard what you are looking for.
  • Signup and discover how many teams that are looking for you!
  • Start dating with teams!