An CFO (Chief Finance Officer) is someone, good at economy and finances.

To be able to calculate costs, profit, cash flow and to have a good understanding of the economic health of a startup.
At some point, it might be vital for survival, to have a good CFO.



What does an CFO do?

The CFO typically take care of accounting which is a legal must in most countries. He or she should be able to specify what services is needed in this area if needed. Almost all startups, sooner or later, needs a focused and skilled CFO. If the startup is about to seek investments, it’s mandatory to have a CFO that can also present and communicate. To have control of the financials in a startup is vital. Remember that many startups fail because of failure in this area. It’s beneficial if someone have a steady eye on the “burn rate”.

Why should an CFO sign up in Avaztart?

Cash flow, break even points, burn rates and more needs attention!
Teams and startups know this. Investors certainly requires this! The Team need you!

To create something from scratch and the fast-paced development and growth its very appealing part off for most people. To joining a new business and perhaps also be joining as a co-founder is a journey many would like to start. One tip is to join more than one team. A good awareness CFO have no limits!

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