Avaztart Vision

Dating for Startups!
Empower and Support start up roles to find, date and match with each other so they can start a team that can become a successful business. Connecting founders, co founders and the team.

Avaztart Contribution

Lowering the blockers to find a co-founder, a great team, to start a successful business.
Approximately 50% of all working persons in western world would like to start their own business. Few takes the step. Avaztart contribution is to assist and help people to find, team up in the early phase, and take the life changing leap!

A founders story

I have tried to start a healthy business, a startup, since 2008. I have tried a lot of different things and ideas…that have been the biggest challenge for me. The idea. That did not pop up. No matter how I focused, no matter how I let my mind go crazy.
So I tried other’s ideas. I evaluated Franchises for furniture, sun protection and bicycles. Nothing proved to be a business where I would build anything for my selves. It was more of execution for others.
I continued searching while working in the gig economy as a Project manager and business developer, mostly starting up new services, business areas, concepts, products, operations, etc.

I learned that about 70% of all projects and initiatives fails.

So, I educated myself in project management and different project management models and tools to assure results. That helps, but not as much as it should. I then learnt that the main reason is that there is not a clear view on who the “customer/beneficiaries” is, what problems (and fulfillments of desires) are solved, and how the business model and value proposition look like, before starting and ramping up projects. Its so difficult to change a project with large sum of invested money, prestige and many people involved…

So, I started up education and coaching programs in business model innovation. To make sure the input to a project was good enough for success. Sadly, I failed. Many are those who need this, but the compelling reason to act (CRA) is often low because of general understanding and awareness.  Just before bankruptcy this seems to be very important, and then they call for big expensive consulting firms..
Marketing was too much about awareness and I couldn’t afford that.

But in my journey, I learnt that there are two types of roles that almost always are needed to successfully start a business.

  • The Innovator that has an idea or the innovation (not me), and
  • The Entrepreneur that makes a business out of the idea (me!).

I searched in different places as co-working spots, startup hub, university coaching organizations, city/community supported organizations and endless of browsing and sending weird messages in LinkedIn. I looked for an Innovator. So after many days and hours googling, I found a simple note board in Stockholm.
One late night I wrote:

Posted by Tomas den 16 November 2020

Hello everybody,  This message is not business area or location (city) depended. This is applicable in all. 

I am a bit frustrated.

You see, I have black belt in starting up new ideas and concepts, value proposition and business model workshopping, doing things, take initiative, test and verify ideas, architect customer journey and corresponding customer touch points, implement in all customer journey processes steps, set up sales, customer service and …. but I don’t have this new Idea or concepts.
I am an entrepreneur. Not an innovator. I have realized that there have almost, always, been two. Partnership.
Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Spotify, Apple, Protector & Gamble, eBay, Skype .. there are many examples of a pair.
One Innovator and one Entrepreneur.
Both are necessary to accomplish success.

I am a limping entrepreneur without a partner innovator. Are you an innovator?
Do you have a brilliant idea or concept?

Please reach out!

Sincerely yours,
My full name, Email

My mailbox was full the morning after!!!
After several Zoom, Teams and Face time meetings with some of the respondents, I got a pretty good idea what was missing. I was not alone missing this! That’s why I have started Avaztart. To help Innovators and Entrepreneurs to find each other to match, date and create startup teams.

A Startup also needs more roles as a Technology person, a Sales & Marketing person, and an Economy & Financial person, in the team. Very soon different kinds of coaching are needed as well as founding by Investors.

 I hope you find that Avaztart, dating for startups, helps you find your startup partners and team members!