Creating a startup team.

Are you looking for a co-founder? Are you an Entrepreneur, that makes things happen, looking for an Innovator with great ideas? Or the other way around? Or are you an CTO, CFO or a Sales & Marketing person looking for a startup team to join?
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How it works to find startup co-founder

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Start a Team, create business model and more, describe your future business.


Find, match and date with other roles needed, extend the Team and start a successful business together!

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Why Avaztart?

As much as 90% of all startups fail. About 24% is because of a non-functional team. Search, find and match! Create the Start up team that control and manage good times as challenge times. A team that has different skills and diversity to complement each others roles.
How would you find out?
By finding your startup co-founder, partners and team in Avaztart!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why are everything only in English and no other language?

    The intention is to create a global service where people should be able to connect with each other over borders of countries, over continents! An Innovator from Berlin, Germany should be able to connect with an Entrepreneur from San Jose, United States. They should be able to have a CTO from Shanghai, China joining! English is the “most” used international language, so this is what is used on this platform.

  • Does it cost anything to sign up?

    No, its free to sign up and click around, search and read. If you want to match, create teams, write in pinboard; choose a plan that fits you.

  • Who is this service for?

    Intention is that this is a service for focused, serious and determine people that wants to find co-founders and team members to start a successful startup. Read more in Guides how it works. 

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